I remember looking at early examples of web video more than 10 years ago, and thinking how much more engaging this could be compared to the static digital text world we were in at the time. How much more effective at educating, informing, explaining products, services, and particularly complex subjects. Well, it was more effective, and video has grown as a percentage of web traffic every year. My partner and myself were able to create a successful business based on using video and graphic visuals for digital marketing.

The Next Big Thing

From where I sit, it’s taken over a decade for the next big thing to hit. Not some fad, not the latest cool idea, but something that is so much more effective than what’s in today’s digital toolbox, that like web video it will inevitably take over for good.

No doubt you’ve received personalized offers in the mail before. They were text-based and you threw them out. Well, imagine every offer, every communication is now a video, and personalized to you. Instead of getting the same generic video about a product that everyone else is getting, it tells you how that product will work specifically for you!


Early examples

This is
a game-changer:
and offers
based on
your individual experiences
and needs

Some of the earliest examples of this are in the telecom space. Say your provider is about to issue your monthly invoice. A flag in their database highlights that you went over your bandwidth limit. Rather than waiting for you to contact their call center to complain – at a cost to them of $15 or more for a lengthy call, they send you a personalized video. It addresses you by name, acknowledges your bandwidth charge this month, and offers you an unlimited bandwidth option for $5 per month. Or free if you bring over another service to bundle. Click here to sign up!

This is a game-changer. Communications and offers based on your individual experiences and needs.

Where to Start

A lot of our work is in financial services and healthcare. We are already working on the low-hanging fruit for personalized communications there. Here’s a couple – mortgage renewals, and retirement. Why are these low-hanging fruit? Because financial institutions don’t have a close relationship with the bulk of their customers, and pretty much zero relationship with clients under 35. So when a decision point arrives, the client often moves their business and their money before the bank even communicates with them. By making a timely personalized video offer, say by showing you great options for your particular mortgage amount and situation, they are opening up a communication channel that can address your unique needs.


A New Standard

Digital Personalization will take over, and become the way companies communicate with customers. It’s far more engaging and effective than generic content… and like air-conditioning, once we have it we won’t go back.

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Len Smofsky is Executive Vice-President of BLUERUSH – a leading digital services and solutions company. Len leads the INDIVIDEO™ team of personalized video specialists and strategists, with a focus on personalizing the customer journey. Please feel free to contact me directly at: len.smofsky@bluerush.com

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