We’ve all met or worked with a great salesperson at some point. They share certain qualities. Above all they create a personal experience for each and every customer, listen attentively to their needs and effectively show how their products or services will work for that individual’s situation.

If a great salesperson was available for each customer, at every key decision-point, there’s no question that sales would increase. The challenge is, there are only so many customers any salesperson can connect with. Not to mention that in many cases it would not be financially viable, and may even cost more than the sale is worth.

For these reasons virtually every company relies on technology to support sales. Even the simplest company website is designed to assist in marketing efforts. However, with some of the newer digital technologies, the ability to emulate a human salesperson, at a fraction of the cost now exists.

The ability to emulate a human salesperson, at a fraction of the cost now exists.

The Personalized Experience

One of the most effective things great salespeople do is create a personal relationship with their customers. They get to know their customers, who in turn feel valued and treated like an individual, not a number. How could digital technology even begin to accomplish this? It would deploy the most effective, proven communication medium – video – which uses sight, sound and motion to communicate – and add the secret sauce of personalization. This makes each and every video unique for every customer. And it accomplishes this by accessing that customer’s history, preferences and account specifics, just like a top salesperson.

Here are the facts:

  • Marketers who personalize their web experiences see on average a 19% lift in sales.
  • 74% of consumers get frustrated with a website when content does not adapt to their preferences.
  • Click through rates improve by 14% and conversion rates by 10% when a personalized email is used.

Hubspot, 2015

One Step Further

Of course, viewing a video that has been tailored with personalized information is not quite on par with a conversation with a salesman, largely because it is a one-sided form of communication. In order to bring the personalized experience to this next level, the personalized video can now ask the viewer questions and ask about their needs, concerns and objectives. This yields real-time insight, and the information can then be used on the spot to personalize new offers and updated information, also in real-time!

This not only creates a personalized experience, but also one that is interactive and human-like.

There are in fact a number of situations where customers would actually prefer not to deal with a human… whether to avoid sales pressure, or just to save time and do it at their convenience.

With the ability to create a personal experience that interacts with each and every customer, technology can now mimic, and sometimes even improve on, the human sales experience.

It would deploy the most effective, proven communication medium – video – and add the secret sauce of personalization.


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Len Smofsky is Executive Vice-President of BLUERUSH – a leading digital services and solutions company. Len leads the INDIVIDEO™ team of personalized video specialists and strategists, with a focus on personalizing the customer journey. Please feel free to contact me directly at: len.smofsky@bluerush.com

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